The Japanese Kitchen by Kimiko Barber
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Kimiko Barber

There is something about the Japanese cuisine that captures my heart and taste buds.

It seems that every time we visit a Japanese restaurant or cafe, I am inspired to recreate or research whatever it is that i have experienced. It is more than just a plate of food. It is the current seasons best offerings, prepared with utter reverence to its natural taste and texture. When my partner and i go out to eat, it is usually the Japanese cuisine that we go  searching for. Ramen, Izakaya (bar & grill),  sushi train, sukiyaki etc etc.

It is so simple and yet complex. It is mysterious but approachable.

It is so healthy and one of the world’s most misunderstood cuisines.

The Japanese Kitchen


The Japanese Kitchen is a good starting place for people who have just opened the door to the Japanese cuisine. It goes into the history and uses of essential ingredients and gives the appropriate recipes to accompany the descriptions. It is elegantly put together and easy to read. There are beautiful photos of the ingredients, everyday life and dishes.
A great, well written novel takes its readers on a journey straight from the pages and into its intended destination… this is not different to cookbooks. This is the Japan that I know and love.


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