• Twelve in King St, Newtown
    CBD & Inner City
    Twelve in King St, Newtown
    Bad luck follows me wherever I go. There is always something that I am missing out on or something that I have overlooked. One rainy evening, Pizzaboy and I make our way to Newtown to try the newly opened and uber-trendy Bloodwood, only to find the windows shut and lights turned off. It is closed on Tuesdays... bummer. We walk along King St, glum faced and with no idea what to have for dinner. We walked past Twelve a couple of times before deciding on dining here. It was really our hunger that made the final decision. After being shown to our tables and looking over the menu I take a closer look at the restaurant and notice it is tasteful but haphazardly decorated. It's retro-italian, Lygon St, high school mural, arty, home furnishing shop, organic cafe style that somehow meshes together well. The restaurant is empty when we sit down. By the time we leave, it is buzzing and almost at capacity. Our waitress for the evening is new to the job and we are her first customers. It hindered my usual method of ordering (I always ask what are their popular dishes and what they recommend). We order quickly and cross our fingers. The antipasto platter arrives quicker than expected. It is beautifully plated and looks scrumptious. The foccacia bread is slightly stale, it may have been toasted in advance. The buffalo mozzarella is smooth, glossy and porcelain white. It tasted lovely with the sharp tomato sauce and…
  • Efendy in Balmain – Lamb Testicles… to eat or not to eat?
    Asian Restaurant Reviews
    Efendy in Balmain – Lamb Testicles… to eat or not to eat?
    "Efendy means 'Gentleman' in old Turkish. It is commonly used to describe people with traditional upbringing adopting modern views" During the Easter break I was invited to attend a food bloggers dinner event at Efendy by Simon Leong of Simon Food Favourites. The purpose of the evening was to introduce and highlight the cuisine of one of the most ancient capitals: Istanbul. I do not know much about Turkish food. My knowledge of it doesn't extend further than Turkish Delight and what is offered at the kebab shop. So, I was quite excited to attend and sample some new things. The evening was hosted by Asli and Somer Sivrioglu. The elegant Asli dined with us, whilst the jovial Somer attended to the kitchen. We sampled many wonderful dishes and had quite a few eye-opening moments too. *wink wink* We were treated to: * Three cold mezes * Three hot mezes * A main course which was a trio of lamb dishes * A dessert platter of three different desserts Turkish bread is served along side a platter of dips and olive oil. Isot is a dried Turkish pepper. It has a smoky, raisin-like flavour. Although its spiciness is not apparent immediately this slowly builds as more is consumed. Sumac is a pretty red spice with a citrus-like flavour. I quite liked swirling this around with olive oil and turkish bread. Nuts & Spice Mix was a blend of pistachios, walnuts and toasted sesame seeds. Yasmin - who was sitting next…
  • European Restaurant Reviews
    The Mediterranean Kitchen – That ain’t paella!
    First thing Friday morning I am happy. I am happy to go to work because I know that the weekend is just peaking around the corner and Pizzaboy and I are going out for our ritual Friday night dinner... or as one of my workmates likes to call it: Friday Night, Date Night. Nothing makes me happier than to leave work right on the dot and head to wherever Pizzaboy and I have planned to dine at... with perhaps a little bit of comic book and cookbook shopping in between. Pizzaboy and I find ourselves on Church St in Parramatta. There is endless variety of restaurants packed between Phillip St and the river. We are undecided as to where we would like to dine at and we walk up and down that part of the street numerous times. We decide that we must visit a place that is a little busy, but without the loud music playing, and a long wait for a table - City Extra is out of the question. The Mediterranean Kitchen fitted our fussy list perfectly. We were quickly seated and the menu handed to us. All the items are listed along with the flag of its place of origin. We are such geeks that we go through each flag and try to guess what country its from. Pizzaboy wins hands down. After possibly 15 minutes reading the menu over and over, scouring every detail and discussing whether we should order our typical choices or go…