• Ca Ri Ga – Vietnamese Chicken Curry
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    Ca Ri Ga – Vietnamese Chicken Curry
    Hello Everyone. I hope your Christmas and New Years were as heartwarming and fun as mine. I've been very quiet on this blog and on various social networking sites lately. However, I've been making a lot of noise and mess in the kitchen. This is the first time I've moved out of home and therefore I've been cooking up a storm trying to discover my favourite recipes for spaggy bol, lasagne and stir fries. Nothing too interesting to blog, but very important recipes for easy, tasty weeknight meals. What are your favourite weeknight recipes? I was overcome with a funny feeling a few nights ago. My dearest younger sister asked if she could stay with us for a few weeks while she worked nearby for a work project. I became very excited and realised that I really miss my sisters and parents. I miss their crazy, quirky, outrageous personalities. I also missed mum's homecooking. Ca Ri Ga is one of my favourite things to eat and I love my mum's version of it. She would sometimes use sweet potatoes or taro in place of the potatoes, just for something different. This recipe is very good, but it doesn't have the nurturing feeling of a warm hug like my mother's version. Perhaps nothing will ever measure up to the memories. "This recipe is milder and lighter than Indian or Thai curries. Depending on your mood you can serve this with a warm crusty baguette (a french influence), steamed rice, or rice…
  • Tan Hung Vuong – This is how you roll it!
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    Tan Hung Vuong – This is how you roll it!
    The food courts in Cabramatta are unlike most food courts you will find in large shopping centres. There is no KFC, McDoanlds, Doner Kebab vendors or fake-chinese stalls. They are mostly fresh and authentic foods from Vietnam, Thailand, China and Laos. In fact, KFC once opened its doors here and only lasted 6 months. The locals preferred fresh and local produce and did not welcome the idea of frozen, msg-laden fried chicken. Our favourite Vietnamese vendor is Tắn Hủng Vướng in AA Supermarket. We come here quite often when we want fast and cheap food. Almost all of the menu items are $10 or less and they make great Vietnamese coffee. Their menu contains a vast array of Vietnamese dishes, mostly specialising in cold noodle items and wraps or rolls. They also have hot noodles like Bún bò Huế and Bánh canh. They make a great Bò kho too. Pizzaboy and I have our favourite. They make the best Bánh hỏi nem nướng in town. It is difficult to pass this up and try other things. I did cave in and order my second favourite Bánh ướt for the purpose of variety for this blog post. I ♥ my blog! Bánh hỏi nem nướng literally translates to steamed vermicelli noodles with bbq pork sausage. Like most vietnamese meals it comes with a large side dish of lettuce, fresh herbs and nước chấm. Here is an example of how to wrap these yummy bbq pork sausages: [1] Grab a lettuce leaf…