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    Chef’s Armoury – Japanese groceries and knives
    Driving along Botany Rd the Chef’s Armoury caught my eye. The sign outside said so many things that I had been looking for: - Japanese Knives - Quality Wagyu Beef - Cooking classes and events - Japanese groceries I punch the air and say, “Yes!” Entering the premises it's designed like all those modern ramen bars that seem to be popping up everywhere. It is sleek black with specks of red, well lit and minimalist. The store has been open for only 4 months and is in the midst of growth. Their business had started as just selling imported Japanese knives and has expanded into Japanese groceries, grilling accessories, teapots and tea tools. They also offer classes for knife sharpening, knife skills, sashimi and sushi making. Every month they have special all day taste testing events that help demystify the Japanese cuisine. Their passion is clearly evident the minute that I walk in the door. I became particularly excited when I spotted a bottle of yuzu juice. I have many Japanese cookbooks that use this ingredient either for its zest or juice. I have never come across the fruit, let alone the fruit juice until now. I can now make my favourite ponzu dressing without having to substitute with other ingredients. I also spot wasabi powder and grab it off the shelf and put it in my basket. I am told that they have sold out of the 100% strength, however the 50% strength version is acceptable but doesn’t pack…