• Efendy in Balmain – Lamb Testicles… to eat or not to eat?
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    Efendy in Balmain – Lamb Testicles… to eat or not to eat?
    "Efendy means 'Gentleman' in old Turkish. It is commonly used to describe people with traditional upbringing adopting modern views" During the Easter break I was invited to attend a food bloggers dinner event at Efendy by Simon Leong of Simon Food Favourites. The purpose of the evening was to introduce and highlight the cuisine of one of the most ancient capitals: Istanbul. I do not know much about Turkish food. My knowledge of it doesn't extend further than Turkish Delight and what is offered at the kebab shop. So, I was quite excited to attend and sample some new things. The evening was hosted by Asli and Somer Sivrioglu. The elegant Asli dined with us, whilst the jovial Somer attended to the kitchen. We sampled many wonderful dishes and had quite a few eye-opening moments too. *wink wink* We were treated to: * Three cold mezes * Three hot mezes * A main course which was a trio of lamb dishes * A dessert platter of three different desserts Turkish bread is served along side a platter of dips and olive oil. Isot is a dried Turkish pepper. It has a smoky, raisin-like flavour. Although its spiciness is not apparent immediately this slowly builds as more is consumed. Sumac is a pretty red spice with a citrus-like flavour. I quite liked swirling this around with olive oil and turkish bread. Nuts & Spice Mix was a blend of pistachios, walnuts and toasted sesame seeds. Yasmin - who was sitting next…