• Dae Jang Kum – Korean BBQ without the smokey bits
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    Dae Jang Kum – Korean BBQ without the smokey bits
    I always know what I want. Ask me what I like and you will more often than not get a quick straight answer. However, give me a menu with more than 150 items and watch me crumble with indecision. Throw in colourful photos for each item and a hungry partner... I could be buried in the menu for hours. Dae Jang Kum is not the kind of place to take your time ordering your food. They have a high turnover of customers and there is a constant flow of people - from all walks of life - walking in and out. Their menu includes countless items of sashimi, rice, noodle and soup dishes. There are interesting combinations of hot pots and a selection of An-Ju meals (recommended dishes to go with alcohol). However, the barbecue is the reason why we pay a visit. When Pizzaboy and I arrive at the restaurant we notice that there are no mean-looking overhead exhausts hovering over the tables and the restaurant is happily smoke-free. We come to learn that the grill plate is fitted with a self-exhausting system that sucks in the smoke leaving the restaurant free from smoke. I am tickled pink when I learn this. I love Korean BBQ, but I really dislike the cloud of smoke that I inevitably end up dining in and the stench it imbeds in my clothes. We order oysters for our entree and a combination of meats for the barbecue. Banchan - small dishes of food…