• Johnsons Overalls – Whisk It!
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    Johnsons Overalls – Whisk It!
    Johnsons Overalls is one of those places that I have walked pass numerous times and never batted an eyelash at it. It wasn't until I started this blog that I began to pay attention to the window merchandise and realised that it was more than just a haven for chefs and restaurants. They sold kitchenware to the public. However, it is obvious that dressing chefs is their main drawcard. They have shelves upon shelves and huge racks dedicated to smartening up the geekiest of apprentices. I enter the store and I am immediately drawn to a shelf of sauce tubs, pickling jars, mixing bowls and measuring jugs. At the very top of the shelf I find some wooden blocks with carved out shapes for mooncakes. I gawk at this find because I walked the length of Mongkok and Yu Mei Tai in Hong Kong to look for the perfect block as a gift for my mother, only to find that they can be found here on our shores. I also had to use every muscle in my body to refrain from buying up their jar section. They are too cute to be true! "Hey Amy!" Pizzaboy calls from around the corner. "Yeah what?" "You gotta come here and see this!" "Shut up. I'm busy taking photos of the chopping boards!" "Forget about the chopping boards. Look at all these cookie cutters!!" "WTF!" There are cookie cutters of every shape, size and form. They have sections dedicated to special days such…