• Chocolate Pear Pudding by Nigella Lawson
    Baking Recipes
    Chocolate Pear Pudding by Nigella Lawson
    I love corner shops, they have always been there for me. I could always count on them to have enough lollies, chips and ice cream to make me grin like a spoilt child. They were perfect for the after school snack of pies and sausage rolls in my teenage years. They were the place to get the newspaper and magazine for the bus/train ride to work as a young adult. I also love the corner shop because whenever I have a craving and want to make something simple and quick... I can simply duck over to the little shop around the corner. No need to start the engine of the car. No need to dress nicely. Sure its much more expensive, but the convenience is far more important when you just want a homemade chocolate cookie fix. The corner shop became my hero when I decided to pull this together from out of nowhere. I had all the ingredients in the pantry, except the cream and pears. They had everything that I needed and this pudding was whipped up in no time at all. Recipe taken from Nigella Express by Nigella Lawson Ingredients for pudding 800g canned pear halves in juice 125g plain flour 25g cocoa powder 125g caster sugar 150g unsalted butter, softened 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate soda 2 large eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/ Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and grease a 22cm square or round ovenproof dish. 2/ Drain the pears and…
  • Wild Barramundi with Black Olive Salsa by Sophie Dahl
    European Recipes
    Wild Barramundi with Black Olive Salsa by Sophie Dahl
    There are days when I really want to indulge. These are times when only chocolate and red frogs will do. Then there are days when I want something light and good for me. One Sunday afternoon I was feeling like eating for my health and so I flipped through some of my more healthier cookbooks. Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights has an exciting range of meals based around the seasons and breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whenever I want to make something quick and healthy I often reach for this book. I will often find something or feel inspired by it. She doesn't eat red meat or chicken, however there a couple of lamb and chicken recipes (strange...). Vegetables and grains are predominate throughout the book. I also find that I am adding ingredients to her list. Whether it be a squidge of butter, an extra clove of garlic or some dried herbs. Most of the additions are to my personal taste, but I'm sure the recipes are fine on their own. I recently learned that she now has her own cooking show with BBC. I watched a couple of videos on youtube and cannot help but draw comparisons between herself and Nigella Lawson. * They are both well-spoken, elegant, upper-class english ladies * They have chatty and charming dispositions * They are surrounded by pretty things. All of which I want for myself. * The film styles, closeups and presentation are very similar * They both have smiles that could light…
  • Ham in Coca Cola by Nigella Lawson
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    Ham in Coca Cola by Nigella Lawson
    I have a quiet obsession with all things retro-kitsch-trashy. You wouldn't know it if you saw me. I mostly keep it to myself as I fear the sideways glance when people realise that I collect some of the stuff they tried to get rid of in their garage sale. I am not hardcore when it comes to going through vintage markets, I simply pick up items whenever I spot them. My obsession with cookbooks takes precedence. Here are some retro-kitsch-trashy things in my kitchen or on my mind * I have a timer in the shape of a hen with little chicks as the time guide * Two chicken-shaped egg holders live next to two owl salt'n'pepper shakers that sit on a celery green soap dish. * I have an ice cream scoop in the shape of an ice cream * Most of the items in my kitchen do not match... and that's deliberate. * I like to make faces out of stuffed olives on hamburgers * I dream of throwing a dinner party and presenting a 4-tier cold meat fake-cake decorated with proscuitto flowers * Dial phones are still the fashion in my eyes * I own and love kitsch cookbooks like Joy of Liberace, Elvis Presleys "Fit for a King' and Amy Sedaris's I Like You. * Any sort of pie baked in a fancy pie dish sounds marvellous to me * Pineapple upside down cake appeals to me more than a cupcake *gasp* * I hate dolls...…