• Ju-Rin – Someone give them a trophy!
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    Ju-Rin – Someone give them a trophy!
    Plan B. This is what Ju-Rin ended up being for me this evening. I woke up in the morning and said to myself, "Today is the day that I will dine at Waqu." I called them at 2pm to leave a reservation on their answering machine only to receive an SMS at the last moment that they are fully booked. Damn! I should've known I was pushing my luck. Pizzaboy and I were left wondering around Crows Nest without any plans. We almost sat down at MuMu Grill when I confessed to him that I am now desperate to eat something Japanese. I suggest heading to Ju-Rin and trying our luck there. Pizzaboy is already upset by the Waqu situation and warns me about it happening again. "If we also get turned down by Ju-Rin we're going to McDonalds!" We walk into Ju-Rin without any reservations and the staff welcome us and explain that we must finish by 8pm. That's fine with me! We are shown to the sushi bar and get to choose where we sit. Pizzaboy plonks himself down in front of the Sushi Chef and I gladly follow. We are handed the menu and I'm completely distracted by the intricate knife skills of the chef. Pizzaboy constantly reminds me to pay attention to the menu, order and then stare at the sushi chef afterwards... I failed. Throughout the evening the sushi chef also nudges me to take photos of dishes that he makes for other patrons. The…