Asian Dumplings by Andrea Nguyen
Asian Dumplings by Andrea Nguyen

Asian Dumplings

I love Yum Cha. I especially love dumplings. The thought of it makes me hungry even on a full stomach. They are similar to cupcakes in a way, small, single serving, pretty and you could possibly fit an entire morsel into one bite.

Whilst browsing amazon, I noticed that an Asian Dumpling book was being released by Andrea Nguyen. I know her quite well from her blogs on vietnamese food. After reading early reviews for the new cookbook, I preordered my copy.

Andrea Nguyen

I was very excited when it arrived in the mail. It was better than expected!

Andrea Nguyen shares her best techniques for shaping, filling, cooking and serving each kind dumpling. The chapters are arranged according to type, (filled pastas, thin skins, stuffed buns, rich pastries etc) and includes recipes from China, Japan, Vietnam, Nepal, Thailand, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Tibet and Phillipines.

Andrea Nguyen dumplings

There is also a chapter dedicated to the sauces, seasonings and stocks that accompany these yummy delights.

dumpling recipe

Here is the link to her excellent website

Click here to view the Gyoza recipe

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  1. Rachael

    Good Lord. Dumplings are my favourite food. Ever. Have you tried any of the recipes? I have only ever made dumplings twice, while living in China, and even my Chinese friends couldn’t make them stay together once cooked!

  2. Amy @

    Hi Rachael! No, i haven’t tried any of them yet. I was wondering what i could make this weekend and you have inspired me to make something from the book. Thanks!